About Us

Holy Trinity Chippawa

Holy Trinity Chippawa (HTC) is a small but active church with a friendly and welcoming environment.

We are a community that is committed to helping others and developing meaningful friendships in as many ways as possible.

We look to discern our personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and hearing the Word of God.

You can still get assistance from our ministry team.

Rev. Rob Duncan, Tuesday and Thursday

• Sharon Grimstead, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
(8 am to 12 noon)


[email protected]

Rev. Rob Duncan

Sue Weaver
Lay Reader
Dean Glendenning
​Lay Reader
Sharon Grimstead
Church Administrator

David Tupper
Director of Music

Anglican services follow a pattern that begins with the gathering of the community, the listening and reflecting on the scriptures. Then we bring forward the needs of the world and our community to God in prayer.

The celebration of the Holy Eucharist (bread and wine) follows before being sent into the mission of daily life.